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Fusion Phoenix

The core choice

Most existing core banking systems were built in the 1970s, so their ability to integrate with emerging technologies can be cumbersome. New core vendors have yet to prove themselves in scope or reliability. Meanwhile, consumers expect products and services that fit continually changing wants and needs.

Fusion Phoenix is the core choice. It is a modern core built entirely on Microsoft technology. That’s important because it means that as new technologies emerge, Fusion Phoenix can integrate with them with its progressive open API architecture. This allows financial institutions to take advantage of trends and opportunities quickly and more efficiently.

Fusion Phoenix is for community banks and credit unions who are thinking about tomorrow, as well as today.


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Has customizable built-in workflow manager

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Includes business lending

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Includes deposit origination

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Intuitive toolbar design modeled after Microsoft Office

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A dynamic, modern core for community banks and credit unions (560x315)
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