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More in the Core

Fusion Phoenix is a comprehensive, dynamic cornerstone that future-proofs your business.

Challenges need forward-thinking solutions

The constantly changing economic and regulatory environment means community banks and credit unions must find opportunities to be competitive. They both have to focus on satisfying the demands of the digital-savvy consumers and leveraging emerging technologies that augment strong business practices, break through functional silos of legacy systems, simplifies internal processes, and provides superior accountholder experiences.

Fusion Phoenix is a modern banking core

Most existing core banking systems were built in the 1970s, so their ability to integrate with emerging technologies is restricted and cumbersome. Fusion Phoenix is built completely on Microsoft technology to be future-proof, providing lower cost of ownership, open database architecture and improved usability.

  • Eliminate technology silos that can hinder operations and customer or member service
  • 100% access to all data allows any user to create reports and conduct analyses
  • Intuitive training and ease-of-use with a dashboard that mimics the toolbar ribbon in Microsoft Office
  • Get a “single version of the truth” with the 360° accountholder view in real-time, including commercial accounts, personal accounts, loan balances, alerts and more
Fusion Phoenix Customers Have Achieved These Results

Built-in workflow manager

One of the most dynamic and utilized features of Fusion Phoenix, the embedded workflow manager allows common tasks and processes in the core to be defined and automated, ensuring policies and procedures are maintained, and consistency is applied each time a business process or accountholder interaction is initiated.

Best enabled core for the future-driven platform world

Fully-open middleware APIs mean that third-party, internal, or other Finastra products fit easily and cleanly into the core to ensure accurate and real-time transfer of data in and out. As fintech moves towards universal platformification (apps created by countless developers and filtered through structured platforms like FusionFabric.cloud), Fusion Phoenix is already positioned to easily be the best enabled core for the future-driven platform world.

Best enabled core for the future-driven platform world

Uniformity with functionality built-in

Fusion Phoenix does more because it includes more. Each function is housed inside the Fusion Phoenix database, so access to data from these applications comes from one location, with no need to purchase additional modules. This ensures consistent information is available throughout the entire enterprise.

A dynamic, modern core for community banks and credit unionsA dynamic, modern core for community banks and credit unions
A dynamic, modern core for community banks and credit unions

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