Provide a holistic approach to financial management

Businesses need flexibility and improved workflows to simplify their day to day. And they deserve modern digital experiences and access to tools that go beyond the norm.

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High risk transaction support

Authorization can be set at FI, individual, and user levels

Highly configurable

Things change. Manage users on the fly from any channel.

Single interface

Easily access multiple business or personal accounts and transactions

Simplified payments

Customizable payments and collections for unique needs

Communities are built on business 

Say hello to streamlined setups

User entitlements and admin permissions provide easy access to manage multiple business and personal accounts. One login across channels. 

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Innovate at scale

Better reporting and insights enable informed decisions to be successful

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Open APIs

Faster setup and tailored banking on their terms

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Business is built on trust 

Transform with an end-to-end solution


Fusion Digital Banking Consumer

Differentiate your solution with next gen, personalized banking across channels. 

Finastra Originate

Harmonized digital origination for deposits, loans and mortgages.

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Streamlining success: Optimizing digital workflows for compliant financial documents


Provide businesses single data access aligned with guidance and additional products


Empower freelancers with earnings calculator, deductible tracking, and automated IRS payments

I Love SMB by Agora

Easy SMB account opening with fast access to their employees

upSWOT Business Health Dashboard

Help businesses consolidate their data and provide actionable insights

Success for businesses, success for people, success for you