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Fusion Loan IQ

The proven path to success in commercial lending

Grow, optimize and automate commercial lending lines of business with Finastra’s market- leading syndicated lending software solution.

Finastra’s Fusion Loan IQ is the world’s leading syndicated lending solution for servicing commercial loans. Coverage includes structured, project, syndicated, bilateral, asset based, commercial real estate, agricultural and niche lending.

Fusion Loan IQ alleviates the high costs of system and process redundancy within commercial lending operations. It increases transparency, improves risk management, provides customer insight and simplifies entry into new markets or business lines.

Many financial institutions dream of a global platform based on a single data model with common, scalable processes. Fusion Loan IQ software helps institutions grow, optimize and automate their lending lines of business quickly and strategically. It offers rich functionality at every stage of the loan lifecycle: syndicated lending, loan servicing, trading and settlement.

The Fusion Loan IQ system enables efficiency across lending operations, from complex, syndicated loans to high volume, bilateral lending. It promotes profitable growth by tightening control, delivering streamlined workflow and timelier, more accurate data.

Institutions that choose Fusion Loan IQ run more effective operations and can seize new business opportunities faster. It offers you a proven path to success in loan management.


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Future proof investments in corporate lending

Built on FusionFabric.Cloud, the Fusion LIBOR Transition Calculator’s service works independent of Fusion Loan IQ, and can be seamlessly integrated into your lending systems, unlocking the potential to leverage Finastra’s Fusion Loan IQ ARR calculation methodologies onto your other systems.

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Main Street New Loans

Fusion Loan IQ has both the flexibility and adaptability to manage market changes, including being ready for the implantation of the Main Street New Loan facilities, recently created for small and medium-sized businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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We needed a partner that could support our systems consolidation initiative in order to fuel our super regional growth strategy. We selected Fusion Loan IQ because of its rich, tried-and tested and specialist financial services industry knowledge, rather than develop a system in-house or partner with other core system vendors in this instance.

Andrew Leithhead, Executive Director, Transformation Projects at ANZ

SME Lending

Integrated, end-to-end lending

Finastra’s lending solution for small and medium enterprises, Fusion Loan IQ, dramatically reduces the administrative burden in this high-volume category.


Comprehensive. Configurable. Capable

For lenders, efficiency is essential to success. With API integration, your own solutions can be integrated and automated, creating a scalable solution to the challenge of SME lending.


Small and medium enterprise (SME) lending with Fusion Loan IQ

Your commercial lending solution of tomorrow, today.

For lenders, efficiency is essential to success. With our standard API’s and interfaces, your own solutions can be integrated and automated, creating a scalable solution to the challenge of SME lending.

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Digital self-service in corporate lending: the treasury perspective

What does the digitization of lending look like from a corporate treasurer’s point of view? If banks could bring together lending, cash management, trade finance and other services onto a single platform, it would be a real game-changer.

In this article, which draws on conversations with a treasury operation, we conclude that there’s huge potential for change.

COVID-19 hits hard, but commercial lender portfolios bounce back

Like a swift moving thunderstorm, the COVID-19 pandemic rolled in and hit financial institutions and the businesses they serve with an unexpected punch. As the clouds cleared and stay-at-home orders began to lift, the emerging aftermath revealed a number of surprises....

Finastra’s recent webinar featuring survey data from business lending banks and credit unions conducted in the third quarter of 2020 by Aite Group, revealed that only 15% of respondents were extremely concerned about the quality of their commercial lending portfolios

Busting the Loan IQ myth

In this article, Chris Papathanassi discusses the 5 key areas of consideration for managing simple high volume loan portfolios, all of which Fusion Loan IQ has been adapted to handle. Busting the myth that its just a system for syndicated loans.

SME lending in the real world

The recent pandemic has clearly been an enormous challenge for SMEs, with many either shuttered or struggling. For banks, while there has been a hard pivot in response to the changes brought about by schemes such as PPP, what’s mostly happened last year in relation to SME lending is an acceleration of change that was already in the pipeline.

What’s holding banks back today are the three ‘Ps’: process, policy and politics. Address these, and there’s value to be unlocked.

Investing in digital customer experience is no longer an option: without good digital engagement – and with competitors just a click away – you’re losing business.

Simplified. Managed. Efficient

With API integration, your own solutions can be integrated and automated, creating a scalable solution to the challenge of SME lending.

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