Fusion Loan IQ Consolidates Multiple Lending Systems Down to One

The only platform able to comprehensively service your entire loan portfolio

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Increase Efficiency and Transparency

Improve automation and reduce loan processing time by up to 30%.

Reduce Costs

A single commercial lending platform reduces integration costs by 50% 

Increase Growth and Production

Identify and isolate non-performing loans, reducing risk and freeing up capital 

Reduce Errors and Improve Risk Management

Reduce manual inputs and re-keying of data 

Effective Management of Large, Complex Multi-Lender Deals

Optimize Workflows for All Loan Types

Support for small business, business banking, and middle market portfolios as well as specialty lending businesses.

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Improve Transparency

Develop a central source of integrated high-quality data for sound decision-making, credit risk management and regulatory reporting.

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Enable Business Growth

Identify and isolate non-performing loans to free up capital per portfolio and gain more efficient allocation of funds to manage a greater number of loans.

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A First for Institutional Lending

  • Find out how Commonwealth Bank of Australia has successfully deployed new cloud-based institutional lending capabilities with Finastra’s Fusion Managed Services.

    People around a desk looking at a computer
    People around a desk looking at a computer
  • Learn how Mediobanca's upgraded lending services will reduce costs by up to 25% and open up opportunities to innovate. 

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    man and woman talking outside with tablet
  • Discover how TMF Group has been able to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and attract more business by enhancing its loan management capabilities with Fusion Loan IQ.

    Solutions Used
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    Woman on tablet

Deliver a Superior Customer Experience and Drive Operational Efficiency



Fusion LenderComm

A new era for syndicated lending

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Fast-track onboarding and document verification in commercial lending

Fusion Credit Connect

Empowering Relationship Managers to identify new growth opportunities faster.

Fusion LIBOR Transition Calculator

Calculating ARRs for applications unable to calculate their own ARR based interest accruals.

Fusion LenderComm

Enabling streamlined, transparent and secure digital information exchange.

HUBX Arranger

HUBX Arranger is a data-driven primary and secondary loan syndication platform integrated with Fusion Loan IQ.

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