Finding a stress-free new normal in residential loan origination

ACUMA and Finastra invite you to their power hour webinar. Learn how you can scale and future-proof your business through omni-channel online environments, paperless document management, workflow automation and more.

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Join Colin Gazinski, senior solutions consultant for the Finastra Mortgagebot solution, as we reflect on the changes in the mortgage industry and the growing role of technology to reduce the burden and risks associated with manual processes. During the webinar we will focus on how proactive lenders are using solutions that enhance the way they generate new business, close the loop on applications digitally and utilize tools to digitize paper documents.

We’ll touch on what it means to operate in the ‘new normal’ and how institutions are retooling and reshaping their mortgage lending processes to scale and future-proof their business. We’ll deep dive on omni-channel online environments, paperless document management, workflow automation, eClosing and the benefits of remote access and SAAS software.

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