Corporate Banking Market Scape - Beyond 2020Corporate Banking Market Scape - Beyond 2020

Corporate Banking Market Scape - Beyond 2020

Corporate banking and treasury business models need to collaborate to integrate and innovate, to optimize their journey on their roadmap towards the future.


Priorities and service expectations of banks are changing

Today’s corporate treasuries are adopting an increasingly strategic role – a transformation that reflects profound changes across the organizational, technological and strategic ecosystem. They are now, more than ever, seeking new services from their banking partners, prompting banks to respond with open banking-based strategies and services – or face losing relevance to corporates’ needs.

Our latest white paper explores what banks need to consider today to ensure they stay relevant in the future, with insight to the competitive landscape and roadmaps that help to align their business goals to their clients’ needs.



Are priorities between banks and corporate treasurers aligned?

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White Paper: Corporate Banking Market Scape – Beyond 2020

Looking beyond 2020 to future-proof for tomorrow

With corporate treasurers transforming into strategic agents within the ecosystem - their needs for new services are growing. Together with Accenture, we explore the latest developments within the landscape of corporate banking; including the competitor market structure, roadmaps, their benefits and some best practices in API use cases in the industry.

Our white paper reviews the strategic options available today, to optimize your future journey.

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How can Finastra support your future roadmap?

With the future of corporate banking on the brink of the next new Open Banking frontier, our infographic provides a high level position of how corporate banks can align their future strategy to meet the requirements addressed in the three roadmaps proposed.

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Infographic: How can Finastra support your future roadmap?

Solution specialist outlook for 2020 and beyond

Connected Corporate Banking

Carlos Teixeira
Global Industry Principal, Corporate Banking

"Corporate Banks need to realize the value of digitization and automation, as they begin their journey to transformation to platform players."


Tim Tyler
Senior Industry Principal, Corporate Banking

"From a year of assessment in 2019, to a shift to real-time in 2020. Corporate banks need to introspect on Open transformation now, to realize the opportunities leading into the next 3 years."


Iain MacLennan
VP Trade and Supply Chain Finance

"Trade experienced a greater shift in uncertainty, in addition to the offset of protectionism. Looking forward, there will be a growing need for open marketplaces, enabling more connected global trade."


Maynard Ahner
Global Head, Lending

"Banks now need to take advantage and adapt to the new requirements to replace LIBOR internationally. Additionally, more opportunities are set ahead, with End-to-end lending now on the horizon and ready to drive new frontiers in lending industry."

Treasury Ecosystems - Opening Today for Tomorrow

Treasury Ecosystems – Opening today for tomorrow

Are you evolving today for the digital corporate treasury ecosystems of tomorrow?

Corporate Banking APIs

Corporate Banking APIs

Are you ready to deliver the next generation standard of customer service?