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Fusion Optimum

Data-driven decision making for better balance sheet management and business lending

Use the power of AI and ML to optimize your balance sheet and transform your lending operation

Banks need to make money from lending. Many businesses are desperate for credit. Yet regulations and a lack of digitization are preventing banks from realizing the opportunity. Banks also struggle to proactively optimize their balance sheet for capital allocation under stress conditions. Advanced data analysis and modeling can help banks better anticipate client needs, and close the SME “funding gap” by optimizing their balance sheet resulting in better pricing of loans.

Introducing Fusion Optimum

Fusion Optimum uses machine learning to help banks create better corporate client relationships. It identifies client needs, learns their behavior and then integrates supply costs so loan pricing and customer retention can be optimized.

From gut feel to science

Using AI and ML, Fusion Optimum replaces “gut feel” decisions with science and transforms customer data into valuable insights.

Fusion Optimum uses machine learning to identify client needs, learn their behavior and then integrate it into the bank’s strategic financial planning.

Finastra works with fintechs to utilize macroeconomic scenarios and portfolio modelling tools for predictive analysis. This is where we consider full range scenarios, including extreme scenarios and feedback loops to assist in contingency planning.

These components feed into a balance sheet optimization tool, which helps customers determine strategies for managing their balance sheet in line with regulatory and internal policy constraints.

How Fusion Optimum works

How Fusion Optimum Works


In conjunction with Fusion Optimum’s funds transfer pricing (FTP) module, the optimization tool suggests prescriptive strategies for the overall balance sheet. The results of the balance sheet optimization process enable banks to not only to better price their loans but proactively suggest products and services to customers.

With the ability to analyze predictive information about customers’ behavior, combined with balance sheet optimization and scenario modelling, banks are now able to make the best lending decisions for clients, in real time.



Open platform

At Finastra, we believe that today’s technologies can enable you to better assess market and client situations, even in times of uncertainty. We also believe that no one company can provide all the answers.

Fusion Optimum is therefore built on an open platform, which allows for collaboration with an ecosystem of specialist providers and fintechs, giving you access to the latest expertise and innovation.

Contact us to find out more about our partners and how together, we can help you better assess client needs, plan accordingly and deepen your client relationships.

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