Growing inflation and interest rate require banks to navigate complex financial backgrounds and optimize risk.

ARC empowers financial institutions to balance long-term risk management with strategic planning and increased profitability, keeping under control the balance sheet volatility and the everchanging regulatory landscape.

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Key features

Powerful cash-flow engine for projections and simulations to assess potential earnings vs exposures in complex scenarios

Smart balance sheet management, including advanced ALM modelling capacities, to help you win in the big league

Interest rate risk in the banking book (IRRBB) measuring and reporting to support your business growth

Innovation for complex predictive analysis, with transparent, auditable models

FTP process management to drive cost optimization and profitability across your organization

Regulatory reporting with out-of-the-box capabilities, meeting Basel and IFRS9 / CECL standards

A vantage point for thriving financial institutions

Powered by technology, key banking book aggregated and raw data provide the means to increase predictability and profitability

Fully leverage modern technology

With open APIs that enable flexible integrations, our cloud-ready solution enables you to smoothly adopt global frameworks and adapt them to your needs.

Create value beyond compliance

Use consistent banking book metrics to keep a solid footing in your market or support business expansion, increasing operational efficiency and promoting strategic actions.

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Swiftly manage risks and act on opportunities

A banking book risk management system that packs performance, stability and visibility for timely decision making.

  • Reporting dashboards that permit the delivery of visual, in-depth analyses for stakeholders
  • Economic scenarios with macro environment capacities, paired with behavioral, business planning and credit risk modelling
  • Constant updates to keep up with the complexity of regulatory changes
  • Global and local expertise to meet your specific needs in highly regulated markets
  • Fast and scalable processing power that backs up a time-tested ALM & regulatory solution
  • Expandable fintech services via Finastra’s open platform trusted partners

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Financial resiliency under climate change

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