Retail Banking Supplementary ProductsRetail Banking Supplementary Products

Retail Banking Supplementary Products

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Finastra provides the tools you need to keep your community bank or credit union running smoothly.

Tailored to your needs

Supplemental banking products can make systems and processes easier for both internal teams and accountholders. Because the needs of each community bank, retail bank, and credit union varies, Finastra provides solutions that allow each to tailor how their business is run, including: check processing software, check image software, teller transaction solutions, enterprise content management, and Islamic banking.

Islamic Banking

Accelerate time to market, drive profitable growth, increase market share and reduce your IT costs, while managing your obligations to be Shariah compliant. Fusion Islamic Profit Distribution enables automated profit calculation and distribution for improved efficiency and greater customer satisfaction.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Also known as document management, this solution captures your paper documents electronically, giving you instant access to them and all the relevant information surrounding them.

Item Processing

Item processing operations play a critical role in an institution's ability to receive, record, and process customer transactions in an accurate, reliable, and timely manner. The item processing function converts data into an electronic format the institution's systems can capture and use in an automated environment. Whether you’re looking for an in-house item processing system, or an outsourced service that frees up your team to focus on other activities, Finastra offers the solution that fits your needs.

Teller Capture

This comprehensive, image-based teller transaction processing solution enables frontline employees to capture images of checks, deposit slips, payment coupons and more at the teller line.

Loan Origination

For customers outside of the U.S., this solution enables up to run efficient origination processes that improve profit margins.

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