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Realize the value of data

With in-memory analytics and powerful dashboards, you can make the most of this underutilized asset

Essential to growth

Data remains an underused asset and a key source of competitive advantage. From segmenting clients based on needs, channel propensity and potential value to gaining insight into customer profitability, branches and products, high quality analysis is essential to growth.

Understand and increase profitability

With Fusion Insight’s pre-built profitability dashboard, you can drag and drop variables on any dimension and analyze the result in real time – uncovering insights that point to new opportunities and help you out-innovate competitors.

Create a richer customer experience

You most likely have terabytes of customer data sitting in your core banking systems or on spreadsheets. Fusion Insight transforms that data into insights that help you understand customers better. The user experience dashboard enables you to see who, when and how uses the channels you have, revealing patterns in user digital behavior will makes marketing campaigns personal. And with the sales dashboard, you can track marketing campaign performance in real time for immediate performance analysis.

Data at your fingertips

Empower your workforce to make the right decisions by providing immediate response to their data queries. Fusion Insight analyses data in-memory, faster than traditional querying methods.

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