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Fusion Essence

Next-generation core banking platform

Unlock opportunities to innovate and add value

Whether you’re a challenger bank looking to move fast into retail banking or an established player looking to the future, Fusion Essence is designed to help you compete. Available as an on-premise, hybrid or full cloud solution, it drives your performance with built-in banking services, high levels of STP and personalized customer experience.

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Optimized for agility

Fusion Essence covers 90% of a bank’s needs out-of-the-box, including payments, end-to-end lending, fee and pricing capabilities, support for savings and deposits and multi-currency general ledger platforms. Its componentized architecture allows for rapid, agile development and seamless 24/7 operation. You can design new products and services in minutes, and achieve the highest levels of automation and STP.

Using Fusion Essence, new banks can go live within 100 days.

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Open to innovation

Built with microservices and open APIs, and designed for continuous delivery. Fusion Essence changes the way modern banking software is built. Through our FusionFabric.cloud developer platform and marketplace, it enables banks to deliver and consume new services through a rich ecosystem of partners.




The “new normal” operating model for retail banking centers around the customer and their context. With Fusion Essence, applications such as customer onboarding, online and mobile banking and digital branches can all be tailored to the individual and their stage of the customer journey.





Cloud first

Fusion Essence can be fully cloud-delivered, covering conventional and Islamic retail banking, and SME banking. With all banks looking to manage TCO, innovate faster and improve agility, cloud deployment allows for maximum efficiency, rapid new product rollout and the delivery of digital services the way customers want.




Powerful built-in analytics help you understand customers better so you can refine your offer to make it as relevant, engaging and compelling as possible.


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