Customer story

BKN301 Group achieves a rapid time to market for its BaaS and payment white-label solutions with Finastra Essence

About the Company
8+ leading bank and fintech customers
Headquarters in London
100+ employees
Founded in 2021
With the flexibility and scalability of Finastra’s Essence cloud-based core banking solution, BKN301 Group can adapt swiftly to evolving markets and customer expectations, with its BaaS and payment white-label solutions.

Learn from Founder and CEO Stiven Muccioli about how the fintech company was able to leverage the extensive and knowledgeable support and expertise of the Finastra team, to go-live with Essence within six months – accelerating their time-to-market.

As a relatively new technology model, the Banking-as-a-Service sphere is evolving rapidly. Thanks to the flexibility and scalability of Finastra Essence, BKN301 can quickly adapt and meet these changing market and customer expectations.

Stiven Muccioli
Founder & CEO, BKN301 Group

Achieved benefits:

  • Cloud-based API functionality
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Timely implementation
  • Supports innovation and growth

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