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Fusion DPXPay

With more than 62% of Americans using digital banking as their primary method of banking, consumers are looking for more advanced self-service banking options, new online and mobile payment capabilities, and specifically, the ability to send and receive money easily and securely to friends, family and others.

Fusion DPXPay—Payments and Transfers Made Simple

Fusion DPXPay is Finastra’s consumer money movement solution. It provides consumers an easy and efficient means to transfer cash between their financial institutions or between checking or savings to make monthly loan payments. Funds transfer provides financial institutions with a lower-cost alternative for processing payments versus checks or wires, allowing the opportunity to reallocate back-office resources.

Secure self-service P2P and A2A transactions

Fusion DPXPay is Finastra’s person-to-person (P2P) payments and account-to-account (A2A) transfer solution for retail financial institutions. This easy-to-use service allows consumers to conveniently and securely transfer funds between accounts and financial institutions anywhere, at any time. Sending payments has never been easier. Using only the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number, funds can be sent or requested with just a click.

Benefits to the bank or credit union

  • Integrated channel delivery
  • Respond to growing consumer demand for P2P payments
  • Attract new consumers and improve accountholder retention
  • Generate new transaction-based revenue
  • Reduce costs associated with processing paper checks and bill payment
  • Increase online banking and mobile banking adoption
  • Promote going paperless and green banking
  • Powerful back office management console
  • Regulatory compliance and risk management features built in
  • Convenience for your customers or members with a technology they expect

Create new revenue opportunities

Fusion DPXPay presents financial institutions with new revenue opportunities, including the ability to charge a fee to accountholders for expedited payments.

Fusion DPXPay - Accountholder P2P and A2A transfers for community banks and credit unions

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