Fusion Order ManagementFusion Order Management

Fusion Order Management

Flexible order management

Manage messages and files efficiently, on any system

A resource-intensive challenge

In today’s complex global financial marketplace, payment initiation requests come in many different formats and standards. The task of identifying, validating, transforming and routing requests downstream to a financial institution’s payment or ERP system is resource-intensive in terms of time, cost and risk management.  

Configurable and easily integrated 

With standardized interfaces for FX, accounting and compliance, Fusion Payment Order Management provides the flexibility to meet your needs and helps streamline the client onboarding process. The solution is configurable by business users and is easily integrated with any payment processing hub, ERP system, or deployed standalone.

Adaptability built-in

Regardless of the services required or the integration model adopted, Fusion Payment Order Management solution has adaptability at its core. You can choose the functionality that will have the biggest impact on your business processes in terms of cost savings, operational efficiencies and risk reduction.

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