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Fusion Global PAYplus

One solution for many payments challenges

Enabling financial institutions to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving payments space

Navigate the new world of payments

The payments business is evolving at a rapid pace. Immediate payments - or instant payments, faster payments or real-time payments - schemes are on the rise, requiring rapid roll-out of new service models based on new payment types. Electronic payments volumes are growing, and straining traditional processing silos. And regulation and competition are making it harder to manage global payments operations. How do you navigate these challenges while maintaining superior customer service, increasing revenues, reducing risk and driving down costs?

Fusion Global PAYplus allows financial institutions to consolidate legacy systems into a single, highly configurable payment hub that can be deployed globally, yet controlled locally. Supports any payment type from high value payments, mass payments and immediate/real-time payments.


With Fusion Global PAYplus, accelerate adoption of new technologies from immediate/real-time payments, open APIs, blockchain and artificial intelligence. Gain insights to offer personalized payment services to your customers using our robust analytics and business intelligence tools, and improve customer experience by creating a single processing model across multiple channels, systems and core banking environments. The solution improves efficiency and reduces operating cost by combining all payment types from multiple systems into a payment hub solution. A payment hub helps banks keep pace with the evolving payments landscape and regulation, future-proofing your investment.

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