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Unleash new opportunities with a modernized payment solution

Embrace the new world of payments with the industry’s Best-in-Class payment hub for orchestrating and processing all payment types - bulk/ACH, high value/RTGS, real-time/instant, and cross-border

The complexity and cost of operating, updating, and upgrading existing fragmented back-end payment systems are undermining the ability of banks not just to innovate and support their evolving payments business needs but also to deliver and operate today’s services in a timely, efficient, and customer-satisfying manner.

To thrive in the world of open and digital banking, gain competitive technological advantages, and overcome the numerous challenges introduced by the ever-evolving market requirements, leading financial institutions all over the world are embracing an open, agile, and modern solution – Finastra Global PAYplus payment hub.

Finastra Global PAYplus has been positioned as the leading and Best-in-Class payment hub in Aite-Novarica Group’s independent payment hub vendor evaluation matrix! Watch this video to learn why.

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