Open innovation unlocks potential in financial services

Finastra’s collaborative approach transforms new ideas into reality

Finastra finds the smartest solutions to the most complex problems financial services firms face today and tomorrow. We lead the way in which financial software is written, deployed and consumed.

We are firmly attuned to the technologies that are shaping the open innovation future in financial services. From global hackathons to our innovation factory – Fusion Reactor – we’ve established a culture where grassroots ideas can thrive. And not just within Finastra: we believe that many of the best ideas come from outside. Our collaborative ecosystems enable co-innovation and co-creation with customers, partners, fintechs and universities, helping us to deliver the solutions for the future, either on-site or as a service.

We are turning the very best ideas into reality so that our clients can rapidly see and realize value from them:

  • Open APIs and the platformification of banking are driving the future of financial services, ushering in collaborative, open banking ecosystems. Finastra’s is a pioneering example of a platform-as-a-service solution, enabling third parties to co-create, operate and deploy sophisticated financial services apps within the Fusion Store marketplace.
  • Finastra continues to advance uses of artificial intelligence in financial services:
    • Finastra’s detect capability uses machine learning to identify trading errors in capital markets, accelerate trade validation and meet regulatory requirements by understanding user patterns and behaviors.
    • Chatbots – advances in AI such as natural language processing allow chatbots to better understand humans. Finastra is developing proofs of concept for payments and retail banking.
  • Blockchain - Finastra and seven leading banks are working together to create an online marketplace to drive transparency and efficiency in the syndicated loan market. Underpinned by Corda, R3’s distributed ledger technology, Fusion LenderComm automates the agent and lender relationship, resolving market inefficiencies and improving transparency and risk.
  • Advancing innovations in digital channels - Finastra Digital labs develop ideas that will change how engage with customers in the future. Our innovations span mobile banking, chatbots, gamification, and personal finance management, creating a frictionless open banking experience that will delight your customers and grow your business.

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