Integrate customer needs Into the bank’s strategic financial planning

Using AI and Machine Learning, Fusion Optimum replaces “gut feel” decisions with science and transforms customer data into valuable insights

man and woman on escalator

Better anticipate customer needs

With access to proactive, predictive client information

Optimize your balance sheet

Create optimization based on dynamic stochastic programming

Deep reinforcement learning

Improve hedging & optimization with historical and model data

Support resilience planning

Scenario analysis, daily portfolio governance and monitoring

data analytics

Transform your data into intelligence

Most banks are sitting on a goldmine of customer data that can provide vital insights to drive business. We use AI to mine it

  • Predict customer events
  • Offer tailored products
  • Let corporate customers self-service

Manage your risk & compliance


Fusion Risk

The direct route to capital markets compliance

Vector Risk

Full end of day and real time solution for market and credit risk, including VaR, PFE, xVA and complete FRTB

Use your data to drive better decisions