Your lending team is on the go - enable them with mobile data access

Mobile access to back-office data puts relationship managers in control, reducing instances of data entry errors and incomplete lending files to increase time to close.

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Connect lending and back-office teams

Real-time communication for more informed collaboration.

Integrated CRM data

Manage client financial health, institution risk and growth.

Tailored lender interface

Streamline relationship and pipeline management activities.

Cloud-based capabilities to seamlessly manage lending pipelines

Complete control wherever you are

Real-time back-office access from anywhere puts relationship managers in control to streamline performance and promote growth.

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Faster, seamless data entry

Promotes relationship building by reducing the time that relationship managers spend on back-office tasks.

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Increased operational efficiency

Real-time data sharing between Microsoft Dynamics and Fusion CreditQuest enhances communication with back-office staff to boost operational efficiency.

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Seamless Lending operations


Finastra CreditQuest

Future proof your digital commercial lending strategy

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Exploring Finastra’s game changing solution for ECOA's new Small Business Data Collection rule (on-demand)

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