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Finastra helps redefine the future of finance to improve millions of lives worldwide (Americas)

•    Technology and ecosystem will help tackle some of industry’s biggest challenges including SME funding and equality in financial services
•    Finastra pilots revolutionary microfinance initiative, Trust Machine, in Kenya

Lake Mary, FL, US – September 22, 2020 Finastra has announced plans around a range of initiatives which will enable its customers to accelerate through change, as well as creating positive outcomes for millions of people around the world. The move is part of the company’s ongoing innovation and open cloud platform strategy.

Through technology and collaboration, Finastra and its customers are set to positively impact more than nine million lives around the world, with key areas of focus in the Americas and around the globe including:

1.    Serving customers through change

  • Cloud: This year, Finastra brought its Fusion Phoenix core solution to the public cloud. Today, it is enabling 6,300 community bank and credit union employees to provide continued remote support to nearly a million credit union and community banking end users.
  • Innovation: Finastra connected community banks and credit unions to relief lending solutions and information to serve CARES Act and PPP funding — facilitating $6bn in loans processed, helping over a million people receive pay checks when the pandemic hit.

2.    Equality in financial services

  • Finastra is piloting a revolutionary microfinance initiative, Trust Machine, in Kenya. Together with partners in data, financial literacy, blockchain and scenario modelling, the resulting loan and balance sheet optimization solution aims to reduce the $19bn funding gap by 1% in the country, which could potentially create 50,000 new jobs to encourage sustainable economic growth.
  • Between 2009 and 2015, it was estimated that up to 1.3 million purchase and refinance loans were rejected for African American and Latinx applicants. FinEqual is a hackathon winning idea that is now under investigation at Finastra, designed to spot potential bias in credit decisions.

For other global initiatives and projects, click here.

“2020 has been a year of monumental change and disruption on so many fronts. With it has come a broader awareness of the need to redefine finance for good, and to empower better outcomes for society as a whole,” said Simon Paris, CEO of Finastra. “Our goal is to support our customers through this change as they accelerate their digital transformation and deepen the role of financial services to help millions of individuals, SMEs and communities navigate the future. Our people, technology and ecosystem help tackle some of the biggest challenges in our industry, with the aim of driving open finance and economic prosperity for all.”  

Erika Baumann, Senior Wholesale Banking Analyst, Aite Group said, “COVID-19 has forced a global rethink for many organizations, accelerating the need for solutions that positively impact lives, businesses and communities. Initiatives like Finastra’s Trust Machine, which pull together ecosystem expertise to tackle bigger problems such as inequality and poverty, are just one way that industry is reshaping itself for better outcomes.”

Finastra’s broad technology product set across lending, payments, treasury and retail banking is powering these initiatives, alongside its open developer platform. It is all underpinned by a comprehensive suite of data-driven insights applications to improve business intelligence; and a suite of transformational services designed to help customers successfully accelerate through change.

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