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Get maximum value from Fusion solutions

Finastra Services’ core purpose is to help our customers adopt Finastra solutions, optimize their use and further advance their business. We work with our clients to deliver maximum efficiency and value, encouraging growth and innovation through our partner ecosystem.

We have the experience, expertise and ecosystem to deliver successful client programs. In the last Financial year, we and our partners completed 3 project go-lives a day.


Better, Faster, Safer

With Finastra solutions, you’ve chosen the platform and components that can transform your business to meet the challenges of today and the future.

Finastra Services help you get the maximum return on your investment, with better outcomes that are achieved faster and safer.

From implementation to upgrade, we use proven methods and processes to optimize time to value, cost to achieve and the total cost of operation from your chosen Fusion solution.

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Finastra Services Spotlight

The world has changed and we have changed with it. We ensure we have shifted our operations to deliver our solutions for our customers, no matter the circumstances.

We continually invest in our delivery models to ensure we deliver success, and can adapt and flex our services to be fully remote or in a hybrid approach, with no drop in quality.

Upgrading with Finastra’s Fusion Advance

Designed for when you need to upgrade and extend your Finastra solution, Fusion Advance delivers fast and efficient upgrades, for a more sustainable and agile future business.



Flexible Delivery Model

Remote delivery: how to make it work in financial services

Remote working blog

The pandemic marked a shift in workplace patterns, find out how remote projects can work in financial services.

Flexible remote working video

Our services can be delivered fully remotely with no drop in quality. Watch the video to find out more.

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Our Approach

New Implementations - Optimize - Upgrade and Extend



Our Services

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Fusion Adopt
Proven, best-practice implementation and delivery

When you choose a Fusion solution for the first time, our teams work with you to implement it according to market best practice, based on proven techniques, and with minimum disruption and risk.

Proven methodology

Many IT projects overrun and under-deliver because there is poor visibility of the end-to-end process.

Fusion Adopt methodologies solve the challenges of IT projects without compromise. Fusion Blueprints offers a model-led, best practice approach while for delivery, Fusion Method has structured, sequential phases, defined exit points and a clear process flow.

This simple, practical approach reduces costs, improves quality and timeliness, and ensures projects are well planned, tracked and controlled.

Fusion Optimize
Maximizing value from your Finastra solution

With a choice of system optimization and extended support services, we help you to get the optimum performance and value from your chosen solution. Fusion Optimize services include:

System Optimization Services

  • Architecture Review and Design Authority
  • Systems Advisory Review
  • Solution Optimization Exercise

Extended Support Services

  • Support Level Upgrades
  • Extended timeframes
  • Emergency Support
  • Year-end Support
  • Tier 1 Support
  • Dedicated Support
  • On-site Support
  • Partner Support
Fusion Advance
Fast, efficient upgrading for sustainable success

When it’s time to upgrade and extend your solution, we make sure it happens smoothly and on schedule.

A new approach

Traditionally, upgrading is a disruptive process that ties up IT staff and infrastructure and exposes the business to risk. And it’s often a ‘one-shot’ exercise with little focus on the future

With Fusion Advance, the majority of assessment, build and testing work is typically done remotely at a Finastra Accelerated Delivery Center. We then deliver a solution ready for testing on your site, minimizing demands on your team. On-premise upgrading is also available if preferred.

Our upgrade components are designed for easy re-use, creating a smoother upgrade process and adding incremental value and agility, without disrupting business as usual.

Fusion Assure
Supporting success of customer and partner led projects

For Finastra implementations and upgrades that are led by partners or clients, we help support consistent quality and reduce risk throughout the project by, providing validation at five key assurance points.

Fusion Assure is available at two levels:

Fusion Assure Essential. Implementation and upgrade projects can be reviewed by Finastra experts at each of the five stages to support client success.

Fusion Assure Enhanced. We offer additional support where deeper Finastra participation is required for specific work packages.

Fusion Knowledge Services
Equip your people for success

Our comprehensive range of training and certification options embed valuable expertise throughout Finastra customers and partners.

Designed to be an integral part of your business process, Finastra Knowledge Services build the expertise of your people in a way that matches your needs.

Training programs to suit your requirements

Online and In-person Training. We provide a choice of training to ensure your organization gets maximum value from our solutions, and we can embed the training into our solution delivery. Certification is also available for technology partners.

Custom training programs. With a training journey and needs analysis, we can develop tailored programs to align training with your objectives and business requirements.

Multiple delivery methods. Training is available in a blend of e-learning, virtual instructor-led and classroom formats.

Certification. Finastra certifications offer both our clients and our partners a program that ensures they have the expert knowledge and confidence to work with Finastra solutions, driving efficiencies and performance for their businesses.

Fusion Premium Engagement Services
Tailored and expert annual services subscription

An annual subscription-based service, which provides a tailored multi-year engagement. Finastra services works with our customers to identify the service and support components to provide a comprehensive offering across the solution lifecycle.

Customers can choose the level and type of services in their multi-service subscription, tailoring the package to suit their business requirements.  A key element to the package is access to dedicated expert resources who not only support on a day-to-day basis, but can also provide a more strategic perspective, helping to future-proof with forward planning and consultancy.

We take on as much of the burden of projects and support as a customer wants, working with them to establish the best package for them. Services include systems architecture, project validation, upgrade planning, Centre of Excellence support, extended support offerings and advisory services.

Customer Support
Specialist customer support available worldwide

Equipped with decades of first-hand experience delivering software solutions, and a collective wealth of technical knowledge and insight, Finastra’s team of application support specialists are available worldwide to respond to technical and functional queries.



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