D+H Wins Commercial Loan Origination Award by Aite Group

LAKE MARY, FL, Feb. 8, 2016 /CNW/ - DH Corporation ("D+H") (TSX: DH), a leading provider of technology solutions to financial institutions globally, today announced it has received the "All Things to Everyone" Award from Aite Group, a global research and advisory firm. As part of the research firm's Commercial Loan Origination report, the industry award, designed to help banks identify vendors, recognizes D+H's breadth of solutions to meet banks' varying degrees of customization requirements.

In selecting a commercial loan origination vendor, according to Aite Group, banks should "ascertain the granularity of their process automation and analytics requirements and the resulting degree of customization their deployments will require."

"D+H fared well in this examination, and in fact was a prize winner, because its two capabilities can meet the needs of banks with two typical profiles," said David O'Connell, senior analyst with Aite Group's Wholesale Banking team. "Banks requiring limited customization but a fast deployment can turn to CreditQuest. Institutions willing to have a longer deployment that meets more complex business requirements can turn to CreditPath. And an organization that migrates from one profile to another can stay within D+H's offering."

"One vendor—two potential deployment approaches"
The needed level of customization is the primary factor complicating the selection of a commercial loan origination vendor. According to Aite, "too much customization, and your deployment might take too long, cost too much and deliver lower return on investment. Too little customization, and business requirements might go unmet. And what if these trade-offs are expected to change over time or are viewed differently by lines of businesses within a bank? For banks where this complexity exists, D+H is an award winner. While CreditQuest® enables a rapid deployment for commonly sought commercial loan origination business requirements, CreditPath® is right for lending lines of business within an institution where business requirements are highly granular."

"We're delighted by this award, as it further reinforces our position as a leading financial technology provider," said Eric Cummins, senior vice president and general manager of Lending at D+H. "At D+H, we are focused on deepening our relationships with community banks and credit unions by helping them grow and succeed with an innovative end-to-end portfolio of lending solutions, as well as with larger institutions that value our deep domain knowledge, expertise and ability to customize our solutions to meet their evolving needs."

Within the report, Aite made the formal recommendation that D+H should be on the short list of potential commercial loan origination vendors, in particular with those banks seeking to automate commercial loan origination processes.

About D+H
D+H (TSX: DH) is a leading financial technology provider the world's financial institutions rely on every day to help them grow and succeed. Our lending, payments, integrated core and global transaction banking solutions are trusted by nearly 8,000 banks, specialty lenders, community banks, credit unions, governments and corporations. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, D+H has more than 5,500 employees worldwide who are passionate about partnering with clients to create forward-thinking solutions that fit their needs. With annual revenues well in excess of $1 billion, D+H is recognized as one of the world's top FinTech companies on IDC Financial Insights FinTech Rankings and American Banker's FinTech Forward rankings. For more information, visit dh.com.

SOURCE DH Corporation