End-to-end lending

Welcome to the new world of end-to-end corporate lending

With Finastra’s fully integrated, end-to-end corporate lending environment as the bedrock, banks can build a winning lending proposition for the future.

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End-to-end lending: the future today

Lending in the new normal

Why the industry must digitize to survive

In this paper, we explore the lessons for the lending industry particularly during the current crisis - and what its successful future might look like.

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End-to-end digitization: A better way to lend

How end-to-end digitization can offer a powerful set of benefits.

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"Keeping everything on the Finastra,
platform simplifies the integration and
licensing structure from and end-to-end- lending perspective"
- Accenture





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Exploring the future of lending in a transforming economy


How technology is transforming the human side of lending


Why credit management is broken and how technology can fix it


In lending, it’s time for risk management to break out of its silos


Is syndicated lending ready to innovate?


Lending’s digitalization challenge

Lending’s digitalization challenge

Will the new normal for lending be better than the old?

Will the new normal for lending be better than the old?

How can you adopt End-to-end lending from Finastra?

Fusion Credit Connect

Fusion Credit Connect

Empowers RMs to identify the best opportunities sooner, improve communication with customers, reduce error rates and ultimately generate higher revenue.

Fusion Credit Management Enterprise

Fusion Credit Management Enterprise

Provides functionally rich workflow management for corporate loan origination – integrated seamlessly into the end-to-end lending process.

Fusion Loan IQ

Fusion Loan IQ

The world’s leading solution for servicing commercial loans – seamlessly integrated into Finastra’s end-to-end lending environment.


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Build a winning corporate lending proposition for the future


Welcome to the new world of end-to-end corporate lending

Explore our guide to see how Finastra’s end-to-end lending solution enables you to deliver a better service to your clients.

End-to-end Lending Factsheet

See how end-to-end lending is the solution of the future with our factsheet.

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Want to understand how to maximize your portfolio? Our brochure shows you how Finastra's end-to-end lending can help.