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Instant Payments in the US and Europe: Seizing the opportunity

Watch Datos-Insight video to find out how to seize instant payments opportunities in the US and learn why instant payments in Europe have become a vital part of the payments landscape. Download our report to discover more insights.

Instant payments in U.S. and Europe have evolved into a critical component of the payments landscape, even where there is an absence of a regulatory mandate there is a need to respond to the growing demand from businesses for faster payment processing. As a result, financial institutions must look for solutions that avoid disintermediation by fintechs and allow them to gain market share as new opportunities open up; indeed, 90% of businesses are investing heavily in payment modernization and financial institutions need to respond through positioning the importance and value of instant payments as part of their own modernization journey. There are further considerations explored in the reports, such as:

  • The impact of instant payment support on existing AML and fraud solutions
  • The importance of selecting the correct vendor partner
  • The benefits of using a PaaS solution to reduce cost, risk, and time to value

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