Instant Payments in the U.S.: How to seize the opportunity

The demand for instant payments in the United States is soaring. This report by Datos Insights highlights the growing importance of instant payments for financial institutions and businesses, key use cases, and the readiness of financial institutions to meet customers’ expectations and establish themselves as their customers’ instant payments providers.

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The instant payments market is experiencing a rapid growth. Customers are calling for more instantaneous, secured, and reliable payment experiences, compelling financial institutions, and businesses to invest in payments technology.

For financial institutions and businesses, this implies an ongoing commitment to enhancing their existing payments infrastructure and capabilities to capitalize on growth opportunities and retain and grow their customer base. Embracing Payments-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions will allow financial institutions to accelerate their payments modernization initiatives, meeting the unique requirements of instant payments and ensuring they keep pace with nimble fintech’s in a rapidly evolving financial ecosystem.

Download this free report to find out more about:

  • What percentage of businesses are actively considering adopting instant payments over the next 12 months?
  • What percentage of businesses are willing to change their existing payments technology provider to access instant payments?
  • What are the top three use cases driving the growth of instant payments?
  • Why embracing PaaS solutions will ensure financial institutions’ success in their instant payments journey?

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