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Exploring the future of finance: A deep dive into lending modernization

Join us for an insightful conversation with Robert Downs, Global Head of Corporate & Syndicated Lending at Finastra, and Prakash Pattni, Managing Director of Digital Transformation at IBM Cloud for Financial Services. In this discussion, we’ll delve into a wide range of topics, including digitalization gaps, cloud innovation, data management, knowledge management, regulation, and competition.

In this exclusive interview, industry experts discuss the pressing need for banks to enhance cost efficiency and fully digitalize the lending journey. They highlight the critical role of adapting to the expectations of the emerging generation, emphasizing the transfer of knowledge from seasoned professionals to the industry’s newcomers. The conversation also tackles the significant data challenges within the lending process, including the handling of unstructured data and the imperative for robust data protection and regulatory compliance across various regions. Furthermore, the dialogue sheds light on the transformative potential of modern technologies such as AI, cloud automation, and hybrid cloud solutions, which are being leveraged to address lending issues and foster secure, collaborative ecosystems. The overarching theme of the discussion is the paramount importance of collaboration, engagement, and trust among finance professionals as they steer through the evolving landscape of the financial industry.

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