The innovation game: Escaping legacy with new technology

The innovation game: Escaping legacy with new technologyThe innovation game: Escaping legacy with new technology

Banks are well aware of their need to innovate. In countless other sectors, services are digitally delivered by companies built on digital ecosystems. How can banks today double down on innovation efforts and escape legacy with new technology?

This white paper, in conjunction with Finextra, asks a series of technology and business leaders from global banks – including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, SEB, Standard Chartered Bank, NatWest and HSBC – to discuss their strategies and approaches to conducting innovation, while also protecting business critical and cost-efficient core processing systems.

Technologies and systems discussed in the report include, Cloud, APIs, low code development tools and platforms. Choosing the right strategy for safely applying technology innovation is critical to every bank.

Finastra’s is a pioneering example of a platform-as-a-service solution, enabling third parties to co-create, operate and deploy sophisticated financial services apps within the Fusion Store marketplace.


Finextra and Finastra white paper including a foreword from Eli Rosner, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Finastra