Harnessing the power of SaaS-based solutions to seize instant payments opportunities in Europe

The demand for instant payments is skyrocketing as digital customers expect everything to be available in real time at a competitive cost. In a world where time is currency and customer preferences evolve rapidly, these lightning-fast transactions define how we exchange value. Instant payments are quickly becoming a strategic imperative for banking and financial institutions enabling businesses to seize opportunities, fueling real-time commerce, promoting open banking and collaboration, and enhancing customer experience.

The increasing demand for instant payments in Europe has compelled financial institutions (FIs) to transform from legacy setups to more dynamic payment solutions like Payments as a Service. To stay competitive, FIs need agility. Finastra Payments To Go supported by a cloud-native architecture and modular design enables simplified integration with TARGET Instant Payment (TIPS), empowering FIs with instant payment capabilities and rapid business transformation.

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