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Fusion Total Messaging

Profitable communication

With Finastra solutions, financial messaging becomes a source of advantage

Banks and corporations today manage millions of payment messages in numerous payment warehouses around the world. It’s expensive and complicated, involving numerous counterparties, currencies, languages, time zones and regulations. And it is a source of considerable risk.

Time for advanced messaging

What’s needed is a financial messaging software solution that can eliminate manual intervention, reduce risk, improve efficiency, and perhaps most importantly, save time and money.

With Fusion Total Messaging software, institutions will save time and increase operational efficiency with consistent functionality, advanced STP, web-based technology and powerful drill-down and query capabilities. Seamless integration with payments and treasury systems reduces the risk and costs associated with onboarding.

Connection and integration

Whether you connect to the SWIFT network via SWIFTNet FIN, SWIFT FileAct or SWIFT InterAct, or use FIN or FUND messages and control your file flow, Fusion Total Messaging supplies all the connectors, integration and plug-ins required for conversion, compliance and reconciliation. 

Protecting your investment

Designed to accommodate the latest formatting standards in transaction banking, it also ensures that your technology investment is protected both now and in the future – and it maintains all changes from interbank service providers.

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