Fusion MidasFusion Midas

Fusion Midas

Unparalleled functional richness for sophisticated corporate banking.

Streamlined, optimised core banking operations. Fusion Midas is the advanced system for corporate banking.

The essence of corporate banking is servicing corporates of all shapes and sizes with bespoke financial services. Technology has become a key driver for commercial success. Fusion Midas offers unparalleled functional richness for all aspects of corporate banking.

Today, treasurers expect a superior level of service from their banking partners. They require real-time views of cash, exposures, assets and liabilities.

Fusion Midas is a proven corporate banking system that delivers this and more. It builds on over 30 years of market experience and development – no other corporate banking system comes close to its functional richness.

Banks running on Fusion Midas can offer the most sophisticated banking services to their clients. Providing multinational corporates with accurate views of cash helps make your customers more profitable, and in turn your bank can stay ahead of the competition.

More than 300 banks around the world rely on Fusion Midas. They have the security of knowing that their business will run smoothly and reliably, with no systems outage.

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