Corporate Payment Solutions

A new world of corporate payments

Finastra enables financial institutions to meet the challenges of a fast-changing market

The payments business is undergoing significant change. New technologies and innovations – immediate/real-time payment schemes, open APIs, artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud computing – and new market entrants are challenging financial institutions to adapt.

And at the same time, financial institutions must navigate new payment channels, conduct multi-currency and multi-product payment operations in many different countries, and exchange payment and security data securely. All while offering superior customer service in a highly competitive and increasingly regulated environment. 

Finastra offers best-of-breed corporate payment solutions to help you meet these challenges, enabling you and your customers to manage cash, process payments, exchange information and transfer funds cost-effectively, securely and reliably within and across national boundaries. 

Automated straight-through-processing (STP) and interbank messaging capabilities, including SWIFT connectivity help you improve customer service, expand into new areas of business, increase revenues, and reduce cost and risk throughout the entire payment lifecycle.

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An end-to-end payment hub solution which provides for mass payments, high value payments and immediate/real-time payments, enabling financial institutions to consolidate legacy systems into a single, highly configurable payment hub.

Everything a bank needs to navigate and benefit from an “always-compliant” payment service on a cloud platform. Powered by Microsoft Azure. Fusion Payments To Go combines Finastra’s market leading payment processing capabilities with the operational certainty of the cloud.

Consolidates all payment types and data in a single solution, from ACH, wires, cross-border payments and real-time payments, available as a cloud-based solution for faster, lower-cost onboarding. 

An integrated wire transfer and compliance solution for US financial institutions that supports processing of all principle payment types, including Fedwire Funds Transfers, Fedwire Securities Transfers, SWIFT, Foreign Exchange Transfers, and internal Book Transfers.

Real-time AI fraud detection for fraudulent payment transactions. Detect fraudulent transactions in real-time using AI technology. Reduce the number of false positives by 83%, and fraud management time by 93%. Discover new fraud types and reduce fraud losses.

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