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Fusion Mortgagebot

Maximize lending potential

Power your lending operations with a proven cloud-based solution

Fusion Mortgagebot is an end-to-end mortgage platform for the entire mortgage lending process, from application and origination to processing and document preparation.

Convert traffic to business

The fully transactional site gives borrowers immediate results—rates, fees, disclosures and approvals.

Boost customer satisfaction

Intuitive site flow, as well as built-in product and pricing engine delivers instant answers, tailored to each applicant.

Conform with compliance

Time-stamped applications ensure timely disclosure delivery and satisfy your auditors.

Proven history

A leading lending solution for nearly two decades, Fusion Mortgagebot delivers efficiency, ease of use and unrivaled client satisfaction.

The cloud advantage

As a cloud-based solution, Fusion Mortgagebot simplifies your process and reduces costs.

Cost advantages

Scalability without additional licensing fees mean no additional staff are needed to enter data or run the platform.

No maintenance

The solution only requires a browser, with no special hardware needed. Finastra handles all updates and equipment, freeing up your IT resources.

Agile updates

Up-to-date compliance requirements—handled as both in-line (real-time) alerts and email notifications— help eliminate risk and enhance efficiency.

Paperless processing

Built-in digital imaging tools efficiently organize, index and sort required documentation, allowing lenders and borrowers to easily track, share and transfer required files.

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Fusion Mortgagebot solutions


Fusion MortgagebotPOS is a web-based solution that allows lenders to receive accurate, qualified applications through every point-of-sale channel: consumer-direct via the Internet, in the branch or call center, or through professional loan officers.

MortgagebotPOS is cloud-based, so borrowers have the option of completing an application in one channel or moving seamlessly between channels, depending on their needs and preferences. This web‐based technology allows users to explore rates, fees and products; complete an application in minutes; get instant approvals; and receive immediate online disclosures—anywhere they have Internet access.

An exciting new feature of MortgagebotPOS is MortgagebotMobile, which allows users to efficiently submit error-free loan applications from their mobile device directly to their lender. Intuitive, responsive design uses input from end users to display only the parts of the application that apply to their situation. To learn more about MortgagebotMobile, please click here.


MortgagebotLOS is an all-in-one loan origination system that supports retail, wholesale and correspondent mortgage lending. It is a user-friendly, web-based solution that streamlines all origination processes, enables access to information anytime and anywhere, increases loan production and reduces operating costs.

MortgagebotLOS provides financial institutions with:

  •  Processing-through-closing features: user-defined groups for processors, underwriters and closers; automated email notifications; real-time pipeline view of loan documents.
  • Post-closing functions: funding, collateral tracking, shipping, insuring and guaranteeing, trades (pair off and allocation), interim servicing and accounting.
  •  Secondary marketing solutions allowing searches for qualifying loans to be carried out with the entry of a borrower’s information - and with immediate receipt of a list of qualifying and disqualifying products (including specific reasons for disqualification).
  • Document imaging capabilities to manage loan files and electronic documents in a completely paperless environment.

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