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Fusion Mortgagebot

Do more for mortgage lending with Fusion Mortgagebot

Put borrowing power in the hands of your home buyers with the convenience of an always-on and mobile ready application that is fully customized to your brand. With pre-approvals and automatic early disclosures, let Fusion Mortgagebot do the heavy lifting while your team focuses on getting loans closed more quickly.

Seamless integrations move borrowers from a robust point of sale solution through a cloud based and compliant loan origination platform. Take the stress off your team so they can focus on the moments that matter.


69 percent more online applications - 2x revenue with same operations staff


95 percent reduction in time connecting with 3rd party systems

Fusion MortgagebotPOS

Provide the ease and convenience of anytime, anywhere access. With immediate pre-approvals and early disclosures, you can quickly put your borrowers on the path to home ownership.

Fusion MortgagebotPOS - Overview

Fusion MortgagebotLOS

All-in-one mortgage loan origination software for retail, wholesale and correspondent mortgage lending. Benefit from seamless integrations and automatic compliance updates.

Fusion MortgagebotLOS - Overview

Fusion Mortgagebot Data Insights

Enable strategic growth decisions and a maximized back office by harnessing mortgage borrower data and benchmarking tools with easy to read insightful dashboards.

Fusion Mortgagebot Data Insights

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