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Enhancing the mortgage lending process

Finastra hosts a suite of dynamic integrations from an ecosystem of over 100 pre-integrated partners and fintech's to support your front and back-offices.

Explore the benefits of:

  • Reduced manual workflows
  • Shortened cycle times
  • Decreased consumer effort
  • Real time access to data
  • and much more

The future of mortgage onboarding

Reduce costs, eliminate errors, thrill customers, and accelerate loan closing


Automate asset, income, employment and borrower verification for faster loan decisioning

Credit reports

Establish creditworthiness of borrowers , with fast access to Credit Bureaus

Flood determination

Flood zone determination and flood certification with faster response times


Connect to appraisers, steamline operations, reduce expenses and improve quality

Mortgage insurance

Mortgage insurance for responsible home ownership, enabling affordable mortgage financing


Comprehensive title insurance and professional settlement

Fraud detection

Verify application information, identity of borrower and collateral for smooth loan file processing

Automated underwriting

Automated underwriting and improving mortgage experience by deploying advanced data and modelling

Pricing and hedge analytics

Receive maximum revenue with analysis of the profitability of specific price points, and optimized pricing strategies


Paperless mortgage application processing with smart docs, online notarization, vaults and electronic delivery

Tax transcripts

Quickly execute 4506 Tax form requests, enabling lenders to assess fraud and verify financial information provided in the loan application

Experience all that Mortgagebot integrations have to offer

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Explore Finastra’s extensive suite of front-to-back mortgage solution integrations

Experience true automation with a best-in-class, open, digitized end-to-end mortgage lifecycle. Expect accelerated digitization, and future-proof omni-channel digital innovation.

Benefits for Mortgage Lenders


Reduction in tasks requiring manual intervention


Reduction in time to turn loan


Industry-leading applications and growing

Taking the stress off borrowers and lenders

Innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations and optimize digitization

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Integrated digital solutions that maximize opportunities

Optimize applications across all your retail lending channels

We've got Mortgage Lending covered


Finastra MortgagebotLOS

All-in-one secure loan origination system that supports retail, wholesale and correspondent mortgage lending

Finastra Originate Mortgagebot

Intuitive POS that integrates seamlessly with MortgagebotLOS

Ready to digitize underwriting, reduce costs, and accelerate closings?

Begin your journey towards a smoother and smarter loan onboarding cycle with the help of Mortgagebot integrations via

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