Minimize your organization’s settlement risk

In the FX market, transactions involve daily settlement exposures of billions of dollars across multiple currencies to individual counterparties creating considerable settlement risk. 

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Mitigate settlement risk

Mitigates settlement risk for multiple FX instruments.

Automate cash flows

Automates the capture, processing and distribution of FX transaction messaging.

Improve operational efficiency

Maximizes STP and eliminates manual processing errors.

Lower cost of transactions

Lowers operating costs and simplifies the settlement process.

CLS services to support your organization

Facilitates business growth

Provides a complete set of integrated settlement services for CLS transactions, derivatives settlement, full third-party suite, netting and non-CLS currencies. 

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Builds automation of services

Automatically captures, processes and distributes CLS bank notifications to all subscribed parties.

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Incorporates CLSNet

Supports all CLS products across global regions.

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Start easing your exposure to settlement risk.