Boosting speed, reducing cost and maximizing portfolio performance

Three closely integrated components deliver end-to-end automation and digital functionality to speed lending life cycles and reduce complexity.

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Improved customer experience

Respond to requests with the immediacy corporate clients expect 

Enhanced decisioning

AI-based tool helps RMs recommend the optimal product for each client

Boosted staff productivity

Front-office tools support automated workflows and improve productivity. 

Reduced risk

Ensure that credit policies and other rules are enforced

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Complete commercial Loan Origination solution

Our Total Lending solution transforms and grows your lending portfolio

Seamless end-to-end integration

Operational efficiencies

Integrated workflows and data sharing, from initial contact and loan origination through loan servicing, improves operational performance.

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Manage complex products

The ability to support complexity continues throughout the suite of solutions, with direct sharing of data removing the need for error-prone dual-keying.

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Portfolio performance

Adapt easily to accommodate new product offerings, and scale up in an agile way to handle increased volumes

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Deliver a superior customer experience and drive operational efficiency


Finastra Loan IQ

The proven path to success in commercial lending

Finastra Credit Management Enterprise

Functionally-rich origination workflow management

Finastra LaserPro

A complete loan documentation system for commercial, consumer & mortgage lending.

Finastra CreditQuest

Future proof your digital commercial lending strategy

Finastra DecisionPro

Leads the journey toward a fast and convenient customer experience and well managed costs.

Fusion LIBOR Transition Calculator

Calculating ARRs for applications unable to calculate their own ARR based interest accruals.

Fusion LenderComm

Enabling streamlined, transparent and secure digital information exchange.

HUBX Arranger

HUBX Arranger is a data-driven primary and secondary loan syndication platform integrated with Fusion Loan IQ.

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