Comply with CECL regulatory and accounting mandates and optimize capital

A low-cost and flexible cloud-based engine for calculating expected credit losses, compatible with any core loan system

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Cost effective 

A feature rich solution, saving the cost of at least 1 FTE

Easy to install

A standalone, cloud-based solution installs in 2 days

Scalable and proven with 5 loss models

Personalization and flexibility of data across all 5 CECL methodologies

User friendly

Audit-ready workflow and simple dashboards offering drilldown and analysis

Comprehensive and flexible loss models

Estimated credit loss methodologies

Covers all 5 recommended accounting standards, including Vintage, Loss-Rate/Roll Rate, PD x LGD, WARM and DCF

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Qualitative factors (Q-factors)

Accounts for Q-factors, manual adjustments to the results of a loss estimation, designed to account for unmodeled factors, such as economic conditions

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Treating customers and members right

  • Laws and regulations continually change. Financial Institutions need to change and strengthen operation and compliance practices in order to preserve value and brand integrity. 

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    people rushing past buildings
  • Fusion CECL Analytics: Optimizing CECL 2023 in a post-pandemic market

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    Woman looking at data on tv wall
  • The CECL accounting standard fundamentally changes how capital is calculated. Explore our handy Infographic to find out more.

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    Aerial view of a roundabout at night

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Finastra LaserPro

A complete loan documentation system for commercial, consumer & mortgage lending.

Finastra Compliance Management

Monitor, assess and manage risk effectively

Finastra DecisionPro

Leads the journey toward a fast and convenient customer experience and well managed costs.

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