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Fusion Bacsactive-IP: Account Validate module - reduce errors and lower costs with Account Validate, part of the Fusion Bacsactive-IP solution. This powerful module ensures that the data you capture is accurate, and avoids subsequent problems in preparing your payment data.

Fusion Bacsactive-IP: Bank Grade module - developed to work seamlessly with existing Fusion Bacsactive-IP installations the module brings the full range of bank grade record types to Fusion Bacsactive-IP.

Fusion Bacsactive-IP: Faster Payments module - there are many areas where the Faster Payments service can enhance your business. There may be novel applications in your business that provide you with a competitive advantage.

Take a proactive approach to your treasury management strategy by reducing cost, unleashing innovation combined with a dynamic view of cash to make informed decisions. We enable you to manage and control your treasury operations via a single, multi-asset platform.