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The journey to financial empowerment APAC report launch and webinar

The human face of banking's future, building banking personalization and financial empowerment for Asia Pacific

Discover what drives customers to choose their banks

A ground-breaking new ethnographic global study has uncovered how people around the world and Asia Pacific really feel about money, and the relationship they would like to have with their financial institutions. For the first time, ordinary consumers outline their financial hopes and aspirations, putting them into pictures to explain what financial empowerment means to them. Learn what factors were identified as key enablers leading customers to foster a good relationship with their banks and optimize their own finances, and discover what financial empowerment means to real people and what role digital technologies play in overall customer satisfaction, and why poor digital deployment can actually alienate customers.

The finding will be discussed in an upcoming webinar on 26th October 2021, with retail banking decision makers from across the continent to analyze the findings and discuss the new emerging roles for traditional banks and challenger banks; and how to meet changing consumer expectations of personalization, knowledge, control, and freedom in banking.

Photo of Shweta Jain
Shweta Jain
Senior Director, Digital and Strategy, APAC, Finastra