Banking modernization to prepare for a world of fintech ecosystems

Community banks and credit unions play a significant role in the US financial services industry, but are often held back by inflexible core banking systems.
Hear from industry experts about how community banks and credit unions can deal with competitive pressures by modernizing IT and adopting digital tools.

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Growing margin pressures, intense competition, regulatory compliance and most importantly ageing technology are among the key challenges. Core systems that still run-on legacy architectures and infrastructures make it harder to compete on cost, speed of innovation, and their ability to launch new products and services and partner with vendors. Adoption of new technology thus becomes an urgent and an important focus area for community banks and credit unions.

In a banking world where digital platforms, embedded finance, and Fintech ecosystems are gaining prominence, a modern core can offer the right set of tools to play well and remain competitive. The time is now to move faster, replace the ageing systems, and acquire advanced capabilities.

Join Finastra and Climate First Bank as we discuss the key considerations of core modernization, including benefits, approaches, use cases, and critical success factors, that community banks and credit unions need to address as they embark on this transformation journey. You’ll learn:

  • Growth strategies using emerging technologies
  • Benefits of using APIs including reduced cost and core migration projects
  • How to improve the customer experience with digital tools

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