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Vanessa Wakefield, Senior Talent Attraction Manager for India, talks about how it felt to join Finastra's people team remotely during COVID-19 whilst working from home.

Written by Vanessa Wakefield Senior Talent Attraction Manager for India
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I’m Vanessa and I’m a Senior Talent Attraction Manager at Finastra. My Journey at Finastra has been a unique experience – I can’t believe I’ve been here for a year now! I was amongst one of the first people to join Finastra 100% remotely. Whilst this could have been a very different experience, the love and support that I’ve received since starting my role is something that I haven’t experienced professionally before.  I knew that I’d made the right decision in choosing Finastra when I spoke to the management team during my final interview. The team was frank and totally transparent, with a real motivation to succeed: joining Finastra was like joining a family

Whilst there would have been significant change to the onboarding and hiring process from normal to Covid times, I felt that Finastra was a truly agile company, taking to the change like a “duck to water”!  Especially considering that working in the people team often requires a lot of face to face communication, I think Finastra adapted incredibly well: the level of focus which is required for talent acquisition is extremely high! I believe that hiring data has continued to be a primary focus, which helps in building an effective recruitment strategy for attracting top talent for Finastra in India. This, in turn, is driving the growth of my team, and the business. It is great to be reaping the benefits of a recruitment plan that is unfolding so beautifully.

My role has been quite varied, despite working from home – my average day is incredibly busy, and because of this, time has flown by so quickly, it’s unimaginable! I have plenty of calls including meetings and strategic planning sessions for the recruitment hiring projects. Joining as a manager without even meeting my team face to face has been a big challenge but leading your team in achieving great results in a global pandemic situation is a great achievement. I have regular interactions with my team members to keep them motivated and driven. Leading a team of best in class recruiters across Pan India is a pleasure, and I have made a conscious effort to incorporate some fun into our calls with some Team Theme time: "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" is my motto! I always love my interactions with my team, and the time I’ve spent with them is my favourite aspect of the role so far.

I believe the Finastra is a fantastic place to be working right now, as the company is built for the future. The agility that Finastra has shown in overcoming unforeseen situations shows that the company’s strategy is future-proof and built for longevity. However, despite our success here, not many people are aware of the company, therefore a focus on Employer Branding is required, which I am excited to be a part of, and the results are already showing.  

To anyone considering applying to Finastra, I say don’t think twice. The company not only offers vertical and horizontal growth professionally, but also personal growth as well, with learning opportunities through LinkedIn Learning and other initiatives. Especially in such difficult times, I think it is amazing we’re giving employment priority to those who have been impacted due to Covid-19. I believe our small effort can bring a lot of difference to someone's family, and more broadly to our society. We are part of a company that not only leads by example but defines it, and sincerely supports its employees during their hard times. They say do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life. I say work in place where you are respected, encouraged, and appreciated and you will never consider it work.

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