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From years to hours: Upgrading cash and liquidity management systems quickly in 2022 and 2023

Cash and liquidity management like electricity is what the modern corporate wants. Banks who can offer up-to-date balances and powerful digital tools for corporates to manage their positions will win transaction banking business. Read our latest resource now.

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Cash is the force that powers and enables the world economy. And when a circuit breaker – in the form of the pandemic or failed supply chains – prevents the easy flow of cash, the economy starts to falter. That’s where liquidity management comes into play, ensuring that corporates keep their cash positions balanced. For businesses, doing this means having an up-to-date view of their cash position, as well as being able to easily manage both simple and complex transactions – often across borders. In our latest whitepaper, we speak with banks and corporates about what is expected from corporate customers when it comes to their cash management needs, why speed of innovating new services is vital and how banks can look to move their offering forward.

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