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Making Real-Time Payments Pay: Strategic Approaches to Ensure an ROI on Instant Payments

In this white paper, we explore strategic approaches to ensure an ROI on Instant Payments

Making Real-Time Pay: Strategic Approaches to Ensure an ROI on Instant Payments

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2017 has been called “the year of real-time” by many observers of the payments industry, and for good reason, given the number of real-time schemes coming to fruition in the coming months. Within a decade, real-time 24x7 payments have evolved from leading edge to become pretty much the payments norm, and momentum continues to build as more countries roll out systems and more use cases are developed. This momentum is very evident in 2017.

This white paper, created in partnership with Finextra, sets out to explore the landscape of instant payments, specifically in Europe. The paper assesses the challenges banks face with instant payments implementations, and the opportunities the move to real-time creates for banks to generate new revenues and improve their competitive positioning. In addition, the paper outlines a number of key recommendations for banks to move forward with instant payments, providing guidance for banks as to how to make their implementations of instant payments as efficient, effective, successful and profitable as possible.

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