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Designing an effective banking cybergovernance program

Cyberattacks top the list of enterprise risks on the agendas of most banks, yet somehow, many are suffering security breaches by not properly managing cyber risks.

Download this white paper to take the first step towards learning more about designing an effective banking cybergovernance program to help you properly manage cyber risk.

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When it comes to cyber security it’s always better to have a plan in place rather than be reactive to the threats that may come, especially when cyberattacks today threaten every mobile and online financial transaction. In 2021 companies faced around 925 cyberattacks per week, and this number is expected to rise in 2022.

Suffering a data breach can have huge implications for your company’s reputation and even lead to legal consequences. That is why Finastra and Cybernance put together this guide to help you start planning your own cybergovernance program. This plan contains:

  • Reasons why a strategic approach works better than a reactive tactical one.
  • The benefits of using a strategic approach toward cybersecurity.
  • How to design an effective program for a top-down strategic approach to cybersecurity.
  • How Cybernance can help your organization to accelerate the mitigation of cyber-attacks.

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