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Climate change: the new risk variable

Climate change is happening, and the costs and risks associated with it must be factored into bank risk management practices. Banks should go beyond the minimum regulatory compliance and establish a framework to viably finance businesses and industries at the heart of the economy.

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While maintaining financial resilience in the face of climate change is a daunting challenge, technology solutions have become much more accessible. With cloud-based platforms and open APIs, banks can integrate new functionality to respond with agility and use advanced fintech apps that bring the capabilities they need to ensure climate change risk is properly represented in their balance sheets.

Learn more about these technology solutions from this paper, where we also discuss:

  • Why climate change costs and risks need to be incorporated into a bank’s risk management
  • How to deal with climate change policies and the ‘unknowns’
  • How banks allocate scarce capital and credit facilities to businesses when there are so many uncertainties
  • Steps to build a robust plan to ‘green’ the balance sheet
  • Use cases for central banks and regulators, chief risk officers / chief sustainability officers, credit officers
  • Which supporting technology can help banks in building resiliency to overcome climate finance challenges

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