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Redefining success: Debunking the myths of Managed Services

Finastra hosted thought leaders Helen Saunders, Chief Solutions Officer at Phi Partners and Nick Palmer, Vice President - Sales Director, EMEA at Options IT, who unpacked – and dispelled - some of the biggest misconceptions around managed services for medium-sized banks while exploring some of the exceptional value that managed services can deliver.


In the dynamic world of banking, where technological advancements are constantly reshaping the industry, the need for robust treasury function and efficient operational practices has never been more critical.

Financial institutions face a myriad of challenges, from staying compliant with evolving regulatory standards to maintaining the integrity of their operational environments. However, amidst these challenges lies an opportunity for transformation and innovation through managed services.

That said there remain a number of misconceptions around managed services.

In our recent LinkedIn Live Session, Finastra hosted thought leaders Helen Saunders, Chief Solutions Officer at Phi Partners and Nick Palmer, Vice President - Sales Director, EMEA at Options IT, who unpacked – and dispelled - some of the biggest misconceptions around managed services for medium-sized banks while exploring some of the exceptional value that managed services can deliver.

Here’s what they had to say;

What exactly do managed services entail?

According to Saunders, a great deal. Managed services encompass a range of outsourced solutions designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency for financial institutions. ‘These services can include infrastructure support, application management, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance, among others. By partnering with managed service providers, banks – of all sizes - can access specialized expertise and resources without the burden of hefty investments and resource constraints’.

Palmer adds that managed services also offer scalability and flexibility, allowing banks to adapt quickly to changing market dynamics. ‘By leveraging a subscription-based model, institutions can scale their resources up or down as needed, avoiding the constraints of traditional infrastructure investments. Moreover, managed service providers bring a wealth of experience and best practices to the table, ensuring that banks receive tailored solutions that meet their specific needs”.

The most prevalent misconceptions and - their corresponding realities

“One common misconception about managed services is that they are only really suitable for larger banks with extensive resources”, affirms Saunders. “However, the reality is that managed services offer scalability and accessibility, making them viable solutions for institutions of all sizes”.

Another misconception according to Saunders is around perceived cost concerns and loss of control. In reality, managed services can be more cost-effective in the long run and empower institutions to focus on strategic initiatives by outsourcing routine tasks.

A shift in control affects security management and cyber risk

While some may perceive relinquishing control as a security risk, managed service providers often specialize in cybersecurity and regulatory compliance, offering robust security measures and adherence to industry standards. Palmer agrees and adds “By outsourcing security management to experts, banks can benefit from the latest technologies and best practices, enhancing their overall security posture”.

The expectation from medium-sized banks on best practices and regulatory compliance

“Medium-sized and smaller banks, like their larger counterparts, expect managed service providers to adhere to industry best practices and regulatory standards,” says Palmer. “This includes maintaining certifications such as SOC and ISO, as well as implementing robust security measures and compliance frameworks. Furthermore, medium and smaller sized banks can rely on managed service providers to offer tailored solutions that address their unique needs and challenges, particularly in niche markets where specialization is key”.

How can smaller financial institutions make the most of their Managed Services?

They may be smaller, but the benefits are still massive. All financial institutions are turning more and more to managed service providers to access specialized expertise and resources, enabling them to compete effectively in niche markets. For example, a community bank may leverage managed services to implement advanced payment processing solutions, allowing them to offer competitive payment options to their customers. Similarly, a regional bank may partner with managed service providers to enhance their cybersecurity capabilities, enabling them to safeguard sensitive customer data and comply with regulatory requirements. Overall, managed services empower smaller banks to differentiate themselves in the market and deliver value-added services to their customers.

In summary, managed services provide a crucial solution for any financial enterprise aiming to enhance business agility, risk management, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency. Whether you're a large institution or a small community bank, leveraging managed services can streamline operations and reduce costs while ensuring security and scalability.

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