Aite Report: Creating the User Experience Your Customers Expect

A report on how banks can develop the cash management experience their corporate customers expect.

Aite Report: Creating the User Experience Your Customers Expect

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Digital technology continues to transform the way we do business and banking. Because cash management solutions essentially represent the digital face of a bank to its corporate banking customers, there is new focus on how banks can optimize the cash management user experience to be ever more functional, intuitive, and informative. Corporate customers are demanding a user experience that matches what they’re accustomed to as consumers, without compromising the advanced functionality they need to manage their operations in an increasingly complex business environment.

To help understand the nature of this demand, Finastra commissioned Aite Group to conduct in-depth interviews with corporate banks around the world. The resulting report provides distinctive insights into what constitutes an ideal corporate banking user experience, and reveals that while most banks are still in early stages of revamping their cash management capabilities, a clear vision exists.

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