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Regardless of size, you can compete with the big banks, and their big resources, through digital banking. Discover some of the breakthrough thinking being done by Finastra and Microsoft, to deliver the advantages of open banking, formerly only available to much larger institutions.

Fusion Digital Banking Segmentation creates an opportunity to engage your individual users and differentiate your institution through unique segments with customized branding, personalized functionality, and risk mitigation, all in a single platform system.

Allied Bill Payment allows consumers to pay anyone and manage bills for thousands of companies from a central location, all within their bank or credit union’s digital banking application.

Changing a core system in a community bank or credit union is not to be taken lightly. While it’s the backbone of the entire operation, it’s also a pivotal part of setting the future. Telling the right story will sway strong opinions and build buyin from leadership, employees, boards of directors...