26 min

From campus to corporate: Lessons learned from a 17-year Finastra journey

The conversation is about Reagan Carnegie's 17-year journey with Finastra that has gone through numerous changes and acquisitions. Reagan's role has evolved over time and is now the Senior Director of Culture and Leadership. Reagan talks about facing challenges throughout her journey, such as ensuring that everyone is happy, but believes that finding a company that resonates with one's values is crucial to staying in an organization. Reagan also shares her experience transitioning from campus to corporate, emphasizing the importance of communication and organizational skills and gaining confidence over time.


About the show

Life at Finastra is a podcast that delves into the lives of the people who work at Finastra, exploring their roles, motivations, and personal journeys. Each episode will feature a different employee sharing their insights and experiences, giving listeners a unique perspective on what it's like to work at this global company.

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