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A multicultural journey in financial services

In our latest episode, and in honour of Hispanic Heritage Month, we have an enlightening conversation with Isabel Fernandez, the EVP of Lending at Finastra.

Isabel opens up about the importance of authenticity in the workplace and how it’s encouraged within the Open Together culture at Finastra. She shares her journey of being unapologetically herself, emphasizing that at Finastra, everyone is valued for who they are at their core.

As a multicultural woman in the financial services environment, Isabel provides insightful perspectives on navigating this space. She also discusses how her Spanish and Dutch heritage has shaped her personally and professionally.

Join us for this inspiring conversation as we explore the power of authenticity, diversity, and inclusivity in shaping the future of financial services.


About the show

Life at Finastra is a podcast that delves into the lives of the people who work at Finastra, exploring their roles, motivations, and personal journeys. Each episode will feature a different employee sharing their insights and experiences, giving listeners a unique perspective on what it's like to work at this global company.

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