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All you need to know about the UK New Payments Architecture

In this episode of Bitesize Regulation, Paul Thomalla is joined by Kate Fitzgerald to discuss all things UK New Payments Architecture (NPA). Following an unexpected three-year delay, the NPA is now on its way and will start impacting direct Faster Payments Scheme (FPS) participants in the next 12 months. Tune in to find out what caused the need to transition from FPS to NPA, when the full implementation for banks is predicted and what it requires for the NPA to truly benefit everyone in the payment ecosystem.


Paul Thomalla
Paul Thomalla
Non-Executive Director, Payments Historian, Podcaster, and Specialist
About the show

The payments industry is an old one, going back to 3000 BC and probably beyond. Like many other parts of our life, the rate of change is increasing rapidly; our industry is in the midst of a cross over from an analogue world to a digital one.   

At the same time the prevailing winds of change are not coming from the industry itself or from start-ups - there are plenty of those too - but the key change is coming from regulation.  

However, these regulations are often the result of many years of wrangling, thousands of pages of documents and debate, discussion and stakeholdering. That’s before we get to the point financial institutions having to actually implement them!  

In our Bitesize Payments Regulation podcast, we intend to cut through the noise and de-mystify some of the key regulatory changes happening in our industry, so you can get the bitesize chunks of knowledge you need to keep your finger on the pulse.

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